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I remember my first time like it was yesterday…

I had just turned 17, he was 18 and my parents didn't approve the relationship – Beware, handsome fathers: the more you oppose your daughter's relationship the more she will want it; instead, play nice guy with him and later talk to her calmly to expose your reasons for opposing; you guys will save her lots of time and tears. 

Anyway… His parents had big expectations of him becoming a lawyer. He was the oldest of three, so it was expected of him to *be the example*. I rushed him into sleeping with me, I must confess. I just liked him so much. He was a bright, handsome guy, with green-honey eyes and a golden heart. First time my longing heart wanted to give him a hint was at his house this one time his parents and brothers were out, and we just finished watching a movie… Don't even remember which one, obviously! My heart was pounding the whole time. He didn't took the hint, though… 

So, next time, and we were on a cab actually! (pffff, classy…)  we were talking and laughing so hard he was crying (One of my most precious talents, doing or saying dumb shit to make people I love laugh until cry or else, run away to the bathroom, always wondering if they made it on time HAHAHA!).

He then wiped out the tears with his right hand, and I grabbed his left hand and moved it up my right thigh slowly. He pulled out fast and stared at me with a sudden serious face, but grinned right after and we stared in silence grinning at each other the rest of the way. 

Things then hit up more and more in his room. Sometimes we were kissing each others necks and he made me come kissing me through my pants, then he would grab me up against the wall pounding hard but slow to be silent until he came on his. Praise teenage hormones, because man we felt! Sometimes this happened wearing jeans for crying out loud… And it had to be fast. We were allowed to be alone upstairs but his mother walked by the always-open door every now and then so she made sure we were doing homework, listening to music, watching a movie… and not kissing, pants down under the bed or in the closet… As if we were thinking about that… freak! (LOL) This one time his little brother walks in and he literally jumped and fell off the bed, standing but keeping his back curved so his brother didn't notice his hard on… "Does your back hurts?" cute little brother asked… both burst laughing, my boyfriend walking back to sit on the bed like the hunchback of Notre-Dame.

So we *then* planned our little coop. Foreplay lasted longer, dizziness and goosebumps… It hurt, but in a good way. He came right after getting in the whole way. So, I think it lasted even less than the 11 seconds the Wolf of Wall Street did.


But the memory imprinted on my mind like it happened yesterday, it was beautiful.


What was your first time like?

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