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Please, this isn't about one person, It's about ALL OF US.

Please, if you are feeling depression or no self–worth:

You Already Can Have ALL the Compassion & Empathy amongst Yourselves. See your friends and family, gather together, hug each other, say I Love You more often. Treat others the Same Way You Would Like To Be Treated Yourselves.

I am Also Scared. 

Despair or Hopelessness are also Emotions. The only thing you control is what you Do with those emotions. You can use them to motivate you rather than annoy or depress you. Because, You are in control of the way you look at life. You always Have a Choice.

Never Expected Sharing my (ok, yes, Angry, Heart Broken, Black–Humorist, Annoyed Mostly by ALL Our Unaware Ways these days…) Honest Point of View about stuff would have This Impact. My whole Life been looking for answers. And ALSO Yes, am an introvert, perhaps don't show it because I Don't Look / Or Don't Seem Shy by my writing, but, I AM! 

Am not Super, or Omnipresent, or From Another World. Am just as Human as you all are. Am just someone who has been asking for Respect since she can remember. I was put down, set aside, not heard, physically, verbally and emotionally abused since being a little girl by my nuclear family, and yet, on the other hand, despite that, heard, loved, accepted AND respected outside of it. It's a CONTRAST of mixed feelings and emotions I CAN''T EXPLAIN. But instead of remaining Angry about everything wrong, also accepted everything that was right and gave me Happiness. Made a lot of mistakes, partied like a monster but never missed a deadline at work or a paper at school. After 'some' health red flags finally started therapy with the most Unconventional and Cool Lady I've ever met, and she helped me find My Own Answers asking questions, recommending books to me that we later discussed and that, summed up with My Personal Love of Books been finding answers on the way.

It has All Unfolded like a Process, which I've been sharing with you all this long. Didn't came like one Enlightenment Moment, or something. Guess I've chose gratitude, respect and love every day, as a conscious choice.

And despite ALL the genuine efforts of people trying to Heal other People, the hidden message about "Making–Money–Because–I–Want–Money" is ever present. Sadly for me, part of – even in the slightest way – of the same Noise.

Nobody REALLY Calling Out, Nobody REALLY SAYING THINGS DIRECTLY. Power and Greed everywhere. On a major or minor level. And, Unknowingly,  I was waking UP MYSELF through this process. So when finally felt a point of view MADE SENSE TO ME, I felt the need of writing and sharing.

And the few Ones Awake, am sorry but with not enough Impact to be heard. Not raising eyebrows even your message is powerful. Am deeply SORRY to Scare You, but perhaps we weren't Going to Wake Up In Time for that 2020 deadline of Point of No Return that is Only a year–and–a–half away. I needed to DO SOMETHING.

When I started sharing, and specially after "On Erotism" some people respectfully asked about the Anonymity thing over DM on Twitter. I told them:

When you share yourself with someone on a physical level – yes, making love, that is – it's like Building trust with this person, energetically. Feels like a form of expressing you Feel Safe.

Now, I've shared by words, my whole mind and ideas with you, it means I Feel Completely Naked in front of You All… Can You Imagine being completely naked in front of 7.6 Billion People and counting… asking this person to show herself AND feel completely safe and cool about it? Would You Feel Safe?

Do You Trust Yourselves?

Do you Trust Your Neighbors with your Life? 

That's right, man.

Again, I beg you,



Don't Want nor Need Power. Just need you to Wake Up and Save Us and this overwhelmingly Beautiful Planet. 

So please, even if it's about something as trivial as shampoo, give your money to a company worthy of it. And please use only what you need. Because perhaps Demand it's our next big challenge.

And Google is kinda asking me to disconnect permanently, but I am afraid that in doing so, this major company will also destroy the message. I couldn't agree more with you in reaching for help and taking good care of your loved ones.

Also, no matter your believes or the name, flag, practice or way you have been adoring this God for generations respecting youR FAMILY Traditions, it's OKAY! You Also need to FORGIVE Yourselves First for whatever offense you did AGAINST both Yourselves and Other People. 

Just… Brian from BSG PR, honestly, why did you wrote? If you didn't meant it, not Really. Why write, offer "let me know if you need anything from me" and doing nothing. Is that how you build trust with someone? Or you just give that answer to people all the time? About something, somewhat important...  "I Hear Ya!"

Was my answer scary? Or just Direct?

... Not to mention that Movement, that said Light Army you send over Twitter to scare me off?

Believe me, am Scared by all of you, too.