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Hey, gorgeous! Honestly, been feeling overwhelmed by both news & entertainment media lately. Felt the need to write this before the sentiment washes away… I don't know about you, but, news feeds everywhere annoy me more lately, than the "keep informed" excuse gives me Peace. Just so you know, this post doesn't forgive anyone. So… My apologies in advance… Ye, ye… With Respect. #Namaste

Realized, sharing my honest opinion as usual on ON EROTISM, so loudly, didn't realize might have jumped unto one particular conclusion too soon perhaps, provoking a Big second thought about something… Yes! Changed my mind: "I'm Sorry" – And that would be Actually Talking to George Bataille Philosopher Dude and possibly discuss (for hours!) without getting really anywhere about the subject matter discussed, you know… Given his highly–probable baby boomer's misogyny and lack of empathy to the opposite sex. Yeah, THAT would have NOT been fun. Baby boomers probably just Don't Get Why younger generations stopped looking at them like heroes a long, very long time ago. Why is it when they speak, you guys have an entire room Feeling Both Fear and Anxiety about the Future, translating into 'Count-Till-Fucking-10' heavy-breathing moments on board rooms, news media, interviews… While (the nerve!) Lecture about how:

"Young Ones just don't understand how the world works and are just too immature to accept it." 

Wonder if this Rock Musician from the sixties (whose name frankly don't remember) leaving FaceBook a couple of weeks ago has anything to do with Respect actually, since am gathering it is social media's very Mothership, right? Or, No. Let's be honest, the dude is hardly on social media, doesn't know there are dozens of other waaaay cooler app's nowadays without the "are we for business or pleasure?!" current crisis, or the "in order to Gain Market Share strategy" getting themselves in perhaps Legal trouble for "possibly" messing around with people's Right to Privacy… That this outdated New–Age–Rocker had to say "Let's do the honors!" Haha! ^_^… Ye, before you ask 'Who cares?' then the media decides to make This Mess News!

Perhaps this is WHY there weren't that many much Under 30 (Read: UN–EXPERIENCED) CEO's before, were they? And Wait A Minute… Let's name this generation with a proper name to match the size of their Money–Anxiety–Pumped Ego… Millenials. Nothing to do with Million–Dollar burden weight on their shoulders to get decent education and the very stressed–economy Baby Boomers had been devoting themselves to build Worldwide since the 90's, though, right? Oh, I know, the name is given after another Timing reason in history. Obviously, cleaning up the mess is taking a tall on everyone. Yeah, we get it idiots, you were Only "Thinking" on World Development. Know 5-year-old's lately with a better Understanding and Respect of people and life, than you guys have on your entire 65+–year–long lifetime. 

And HOLD UP! – Really, Not Disregarding the Breakthroughs you have achieved on R&D and Technology Advancement, but many of you are acting like resented bratS because people can't even Fake To Please You, anymore… Am sorry, Thy!… Ye… NOT! 

It Is However All Of The Peoples's Responsibility to work things out. Because, let's be Clear, those jerk-off's Are Smart – Millenials, I mean.

And many of them are, thankfully and increasingly calling on Big–Corporation's Bullshit. Despite what many people say: They Are Questioning the Status-Quo. But, surprisingly, people tend to forget Corporations Are Both Created and Runned-by People making those decisions, so, blaming "INSERT BIG BRAND OF YOUR CHOICE HERE" it's easier for everyone, isn't it? That way Corporations are "Independent Organisms" making constant profit still to respond to shareholders alone, nobody else's interest, and apparently there's nothing to Do to Stop them. WELL, Either You Keep Blaming – Or TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT. Because the Truth Is You Hold The Power… by deciding Which Fucking Brands and Companies You Put Your Hard–Earned Money Into, to make the economy work, new Sustainable industries to develop, proper politics set in place for them to work in Humanity's Favor, an so on…

It's OK to enjoy movies, admire talented people… but I invite you To Question what is Talent? A Real One. Who gets the Thousands of Followers… but Why? Unless you want 7.6+ Billion mindless, under–educated jar-heads walking around not looking at their Own Problems in order to become respectful (with themselves and others) and make smarter decisions for their own lives… and mind about the impact of those decisions on the lives of others. Yes, Entertainment Industry, sometimes you Rock, sometimes you Blow. Honestly, been looking at some Stuff, and some of this programs got me thinking "WHO the FUCK would think This is a Good Idea Producing?… And spend Millions when there are kids in Third World Countries making 7 Euros A Year, dropping school Voluntarily to become bread–earners to help their families before they even become teenagers?… Just a thought. 

So, to the New Generations (which i won't call by the Name mentioned before, not because simply don't particularly like it, but because it's disrespectful to all Students Drowning on Debt, worrying if they'll ever have financial stability… let alone Tranquility) – We need to find smarter ways to Work, and have the Humility to Learn. Accumulate enough Experience before you go on your endeavors or wanting to make a One-year-long impact in the world. Yeah, that's just ONCE around the Sun. Good Things take time, effort, compromise and Experience. Feel excited looking at all those incredible projects on platforms like Kickstarter… on several countries now around the world! And I just smile and pray, but also feel a little anxious about them having Proper Structure. So, If I May – Humans – Respect yourselves, respect the opposite sex like you mean it, Not because Carl's Junior says so, work together respectfully, respect elders because they Hold Experience. While some of you desperately need a lesson of manners to talk to elders, on the other hand, Elder Ones: Guys! Don't ask young–ones to talk to thee like they are talking to Gods, You Are Not! You are Also Humans who Happen To Got Here First. Which Also make you perfectly Un–Perfect.


People Are Suffering from an epidemic of perhaps (I pray!) the last strong waves of Disrespectfulness between the sexes, firstly. Times are changing, and changing fast.

This is an exciting time if you have a Voice and use to Help others, other that Focus So Much on thinking just on yourself or money–making–without Real Purpose Nonsense. Every excess is Bad for your Health, you know? Darkness Blinds You… Just As Too Much Light Does. Balance. There are millions of grey scales between Black and White. This Healer, Gala Darling, talks about GRATITUDE like wish All the People would practice it – not sure about the money-money approach, but that's just the surface, if you guys Listen to what she has to say, it's deep, profound and with True Purpose… That's right, girl! Fuck the Wig! – You had me at Hello just like Jerry Maguire a while ago, gorgeous – She even wrote a book about the importance of Loving Yourself Unconditionally, called "Radical Self Love", check it out… would just be mindful with the "radical" thing, specially regarding the Opposite Sex.

It's Empowering to see people who are Clear enough to state publicly that they are finding Comfort and Love on another person, even if this person happens to Be the Same Sex as theirs. Or much younger, or older. Even Through Fast Change and just a Suggestion – Mind about what you guys are putting into your mouths to Nurture and Live Healthy Lives, or Changing Your Already–Perfect Organic–Machine–Bodies (working on perfect harmony to keep yourselves Breathing and Functioning) to comply with New and Up–Coming Beauty Standards. Respect yourselves and others 100%, not half, or quarter, or because you happen to be someone "Important". But, because you want to ensure Human Species Survival. Mind about the things that are being put on the Earth, allowing healthy–food to Grow… at it's Own Pace, would be awesome to hold the fucking Strawberries for when it's Strawberry Season (Ye, Monsanto… am Looking at you). Mind about what the things are being expelled to the Air, allowing your bodies to Breath. Mind about the things that are being Thrown out to the Ocean – The biggest fish (i know they mammals!) are wounding up dead on beaches filled with plastic on their bellies. Guys, PLEASE. The Planet is a Living Organism, just as you and every other species is. Woods (that is: Trees) are it's Lungs, and the Oceans are it's Stomach. If you are not frightened already by the way we are Treating this Blue Star given to us to Coexist, cannot urge you more to consider the Amazon (the biggest Planet's Lung) is at 60%, perhaps less, given illegal practices on felling of trees. On October 2016 the Australian Great Barrier Reef was declared dead – That was 2,250 km of ocean Life. On July 2017 a Trillion Ton iceberg on Antarctica broke off and we experienced the worst Hurricane Season in History last year... Stop Looking at the Stars for Answers, everything we need to Survive is Right Here.

Now, is it just me, or Technology Advancement seems to grow Inversely Proportionate to the need of connecting people to Meet and Mate everywhere around the world? Some of us, including me, grew mostly confused or skeptical and anxious about the mating-thing part, honestly. I find myself annoyed by all the Disrespectful Subtleties from people upon other people, constantly, regarding anything and everything – Went to a Barnes & Noble the other day and found a 'Second Edition' book about Fashion Design on which the author Literally States "Being Taller MEANS Superiority"… WHAT?! Really? Who's the monkey who okayed this idea on revision phase on this Publish House... not to mention this book is supposedly been revised Twice?!

Please Stop Thinking some of you are Above Others for the color of your skin or height… When, just as there were many Flower Species which grew on different regions, colors, chlorophyl and sun–tolerance capacities, they are ALL FLOWERS. Look at History. Try to See the Big Picture, here. Humans also developed upon Different Variants – Not social or IQ capacities, like social divisions in history were set, serving Power Gain were Nations were built upon, everywhere. Human–varieties Also depended on Geographical places of birth, translated onto Physical differences regarding the minerals on the land, food available or the amount of Sun they can endure, in order to Survive the Environment.

Could you call a fight between a polar bear and a Mayan warrior, and a lemur with a Viking, Fair fights? Really!

Stop making fun of other people Different than you. Dark skin people have sharp sports-endurance Probably because chasing zebras and fighting lions needed fast and strong–making decisions. Caucasians turn bright red enjoying themselves on a beach because possibly their Sun tolerance is Way Lower than that of a person born near the Equator. Just as a person born near the Sea-Level perhaps experience difficult breathing–capacity on Higher Lands. 

Let's face it! Misogyny, Macho-Man image, MILFs and Cougars, gender inequality, Feminism… Hentai videos drawing grown men fucking 7-year-old little girls (WTF!) – are all Human–Race Creations. If we are an intelligent species, we are an Animal Species, still. So, how come Humans can't just quit adding drama to maintain the status quo and keep feeding their own bullshit. 

I read an article the other day about a study a bunch of really both smart and curious folks about how all humans are Bisexual in a minor or major level. Well, since homosexuality and lesbianism have existed and registered in history, since Forever, shouldn't we start to Feel comfortable with the idea that, given the world's current conditions, people find comforting partnership with people of both different And same sexes. Which if I may, Trans Community has my Respect. Being in between the battle of sexes must be anything but easy. Just as some of us were kids trapped between our parents making too many efforts hurting both each other and themselves.

Now, as I explain on my About Page, you could say I fall into the category of the genetically favored in the socially-accepted aesthetic standards of This Times. But this idea Is Being Created as we speak. Also by us, by agreeing, tolerating, not calling–up, not using our voice (Bonus Points without screaming, throwing… or blowing shit up, in order to be heard). Don't you think Violence creates more Violence? 

So, here's the Main Tease Idea of today's post: Can you explain exactly why Women, were seen in the first-ages registries as Wise–Decision–Makers? For being able to pleasure a man and give the Greatest Value back: Life. As Nurturing Mothers? Companions? Both Queens and Lovers? And guess what? Represented (to be adored, perhaps) by beautiful CURVY clay figures with broad hips, thick thighs and big boobs? Though, honestly, it's good that history has proven that Healthier Bodies Perform and Enjoy Better Life–Quality Altogether – The "self-improved" image of what a beautiful woman's body should look like, has been created also by women. So 50% of the gender-inequality problems we face today is Women's Responsibility, as well. Not the objectifying–horrible way "only" men have done entirely by themselves – As many young ones are being fed by many Angry Women – By no means this is disregarding the atrocities Men has bestowed upon Women throughout history – Like "Witch–Hunt Season" in the Middle Ages, when there was little to ZERO medical understanding about the female body, so, many women facing Menopause were burnt alive, for waking up late at night and go find something in the Kitchen to ease the nearly intolerable hit–waves and crankiness because of their reproductive systems shutting themselves down, for good – Women need to Also take Responsibility for 50% of the share, because We Have Been Bestowing Atrocities to Men, as well. Which is why i Do Have a problem with un-shaved-underarms-and-legs-self-declared-feminist-women reaching millions on-line with the WRONG, HATEFUL Message Against Men.

Blaming is the easiest way of becoming Victims. And also, yes, if Women want equality you should stop calling yourselves Goddesses… Unless you are willing to call your men Gods, as well.

There's no need for me to assure and urge you to google how or why a man Falls In Love has nothing to do with Looks. Proof of this is meeting men who have told me they have no "standard" of dating a certain body-type of women, increasingly! I've met men telling me looks had nothing to do with choosing their current wife's–jeans–size as a Life Partner. For those of you who Did chose her Because of her jean's size, well, who knows, perhaps she's the only one who can tolerate your level of snoring, man! Haha! ^_^ 

We are all moving on The Same Direction (have babies)… Or Not, that is.

Believe me, with 7.6+ Billion people on the planet now, there's plenty of potential sexual partners with different (or very similar) kinks than yours. Go Out And Live. Stop being a coward, you owe to yourself be Happy. No one else. So, stop blaming other people for your shortcomings which any Human Being has. Use your senses. Call on your own bullshit. We'll be dead anyway someday, you know? Enjoy Living. Mortality Makes Us Human, something any "scratching–head–algorithm" A.I.–made even, will never be able to recreate.

Get your shit together, acknowledge that despite there being a curtain telling you putting shit-loads of make-up on, willing to stick silicone or plastic into your bodies, fuck–up with our eyebrows to keep re–inventing beauty standards, you need to accept your self image and the care you have towards yourself translates into Inner-Confidence, affecting other aspects of your life, like improving on communication skills with others about stating clear what you want and how you feel, and the level of respect to want (or allow… we're ALL friends, here, right guys?!) from others, but improving first For Yourself and Then to others will help you feel confident on your own skin.

Honesty and respect (first with yourself and then others) are the basics in any relationship. Brake those and there's no strong foundation left for much else. 

Remember: "You Is Special. You Is Important"… You is beautifully complex!… You are too lazy to love yourself to exercise and eat better, fuck face… ! 

You get the idea :)

Really, just trying to help out. Never thought my ideas would Provoke as they have. But if what they provoke is Question our ways to change Positively and Constructively, then perhaps this was all worth the risk.

Oh! About that Targaryen Not–Dragon "I Want My Crown!" you guys thought perhaps i was looking for, thinking would respond to VICE's Action–Call, asking me to turn my Location On… No hard feelings, man! But, YOU GUYS haven't Read Me, have you? 


Can You Guys PLEASE Respect My Right To Privacy? Really, Don't need Recognition. Don't need Attention nor Acknowledgement. Just want a quiet, happy Rest-Of-My-Life. So, just as i believe helped somehow, perhaps… Sales Director at Lurepink.com – Thank you! :)  Which brings me to… Yo, Folks at Paypal? You think you could remove the "Identity Issue on my Account", in order to be able to offer a Discount Code for my readers, please?  

Laugh. Live Happier. Better Planned–Parenthood Life practices, that's right, Enjoying Yourselves, man!


^_~ ☾♡△➹