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Want a girl fall in your arms, crazy about you?

Do you think that in order to enjoy sex, it would take something outstanding, unaffordable… impossibly demanding? Well, the answer is "NO". 

Get her to bed with your charms and say

"Whatever you want. Tell me or, better yet, show me what you like and how you like it. And I''ll do it, you're the boss tonight"

Then you do what she asks and if she wants to reciprocate (manners!) she will do whatever you ask. That's it. 

I recently dated this guy, handsome, self aware of that, with not very fit-physic, also aware of that – but so self confident and charming I found him so attractive I didn't even notice "imperfections" during sex. 

Of course, after that came the other important aspects to consider about keep or not to keep dating him, which was a No-No. But, still...

Yes, self confidence and openness regarding sex, understanding enjoying is as much as to give in order to be given – definitely beats big arms and gorgeous face.

Remember that! ;)

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