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I wonder what was Lenny Kravitz thinking back in the 90's when he wrote and compose "Thinking of you" from 1998's "5" Album. Ever since the first time a heard it thought: 

"Oh my… This song is like a heyday prayer on Oedipus complex

Don't you agree? I mean, sure, he writes a song for his mom, clearly because he is thinking of her, missing her and expressing the man he is trying to become… for her? Or..

I mean, because the result was:

The sexiest fucking song ever written to moms…

Getting me on the mood for a swing every single time I listen to it… Is that normal? NO! Lenny, what the hell? It's that base, no it's that guitar, or the comb with those hard but soft drums... 

Handsome king or gorgeous queen: behold below this song for your delight. 

Truly hope you are not at the office nor the supermarket, or anywhere you can't openly show that you are horny without getting a judgy look, a lawsuit or arrested.

Thinking of you… Oh, no no no no no… Oh, no no no no no ;)

Thinking of you, Lenny Kravitz (1998)

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