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Why do you think I display my feet on the header of the blog before? Random choice? Nope. Update: I changed it but here is the image I had before:


According to many psychology and neuroscience research, our feet

(Yes! Our feet! Not lips, vagina nor penis)

are one of the most intimate parts of our bodies.

It has been observed couples offering each other foot massages after a long day reach a higher level of closeness. Any guess what other mammal species does this? Gorillas, proven so similar to us in terms of love and family bonding – Now, if a gorilla can be loving, come on! Go get an oil or cream you like the scent of (Stop the stubbornness! You DO know a Body Shop, a Bath and Body Works or plain pharmacy store nearby your place or work… oily ones are the best choice), and next time your partner shows up from a heavy workload day offer her/him a foot massage ;) You will both enjoy it. 

And, oh! As read before, since it's a very intimate part of our body don't be surprised if you get a "No, thank you" completely natural response, it might take a couple of times before your partner accepts, don't be hard on her/him.

Because, you know what? A gorilla could have more patience than you, apparently. 

So, on the first point above, I wanted to create a more intimate space around here immediately and displaying my bare feet seemed a good choice. Your feet can be a focal point to begin foreplay, a good massage between couples can switch intimacy on not just for sex, but talking too, learn more about each other – hard or soft, a turn–on is that the masseuse must let be directed. 

So... Rub, rub, rub ;)

Enjoy your tuesday!

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